Social media has emerged as an important aspect for any business: a direct channel for engagement between your business and your customers. Unfortunately most brands don’t know how to measure their returns from social media, nor do they have a defined approach to creating content for it. Due to the recent emergence of social media, many brands do not understand its potential value, are unfamiliar with using it for professional purposes, or are unsure how it can apply to their business.

Search and social media are rapidly becoming intertwined, as search engines started incorporating social media signals into their rankings for search results. However, not having a social media program in place does not mean your customers are not having conversations about your brand. Conversations happen regardless of your presence, and not being visible on social media channels means lost opportunities to directly engage customers.

Social Media Setup Services

With our social media setup services, we create your various social networks with completely customized profiles, including made-for-you graphics, content population, logo and more.


Social Media Strategy & Management Services

With our ongoing services, we create share-worthy content that engages your audience while building your online communities on each social platform. We utilize analytics tools to track account growth over time and deliver monthly reports.

Some of our social media marketing services include:

  • Unique social content that matches your business’s branding & voice
  • Full service social media management services
  • Social media marketing analytics and performance reporting
  • Custom-built Facebook page with cover and profile image
  • Custom-built Twitter profile with background and profile image
  • Assigned content manager to build social media strategy
  • White labeled Facebook promotional campaigns